As Maine's premier builder of docks, piers, and other marine construction needs, Rideout Marine always has a number of projects happening at any given time.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to every project, and producing quality, lasting work.





Bigelow Labs Dock Pilings




 Many thanks to Wyman and  Simpson, Inc. for the images.







Five Islands Pier- Georgetown, ME- Pilings and Pier

In 2012, we completed repairs to the pier at Five Islands in Georgetown, Maine.

Two sections were replaced under the bait shed and the restaurant. The restaurant was jacked two feet above the deck to provide access for the pier replacement below. Pilings, caps and stringers werereplaced first to the deck and then the flooring above. When completed, the building was lowered back down on its new foundation.

The bait shed has a concrete floor so that building stayed in place while completing the repairs below.





New Pier at Oliver’s Restaurant at Pratt’t Island Pavillion at Cozy Harbor, Maine



Another of our recent projects was the concrete pier at Oliver’s Restaurant on Cozy Harbor in Southport, Maine. This included removal of the old pier and relocating the existing building. The new pier is ready for many years ofpublic use including recreational access and commercial access for the local fishermen.