Cranes and Barges

30-Ton Cranes

25-Ton Cranes

30' x 80' Crane Barge

36' x 80' Self Propelled Crane Barge

20' x 30' Barge


Boom Trucks

10-Ton Boom Truck

23-Ton Boom Truck


Other Equipment

3000 lb Pile Hammer

2500 lb Pile Hammer

2000 lb Pile Hammer

1000 lb Pile Hammer

#70 CAT Excavator (Fitted with 30' Mast)

15" Down the Hole Drill

21" Down the Hole Drill

M&H Vibro Pile Hammer/Extractor for Steel or Wood Piles

Air Compressors

Welding, Gas and Plasma Cutting Equipment

Sand Blasting Equipment


Air and Airless Paint Spraying Equipment

Hard Hat Diving Equipment with Communications

Underwater Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Grinding and Sawing Equipment